Dec 13, 2008

Listen your feet

I used to join in a school marathon event when I was in grade school.
It was stopped because my mom was one hundred percent against it. Anyway, it brings back my memory because my son Bien approached me yesterday if he could join the athletic club in school . He wanted to experience the running competition to be done in March next year. Some of his his friends joined thats why he also wanted to be in the list.
Going back to my grade school.
I was in the competition because of my father. He was my lawyer at that time so mom just supported us. And so every morning we have our practice. He would check on my running time and taught me lot of things to ponder. There was one that he'd always say everyday.

"Loves, to become a better runner, you need a quite feet."
I didn't understand it at that time because all I care about is to win the race and to make it on the top. But you know, I just get tired and accepted all the defeats I went through. I did not win even once and so I quit running and I've never been to sports since then.
My father would just smile at me and my mom was the happiest.
It is only today that I realized what my father meant for a quite feet. Maybe, in my own understanding, if I hear my feet hitting the ground,I'm not running well. Pounding the pavements are kinda hard on my joints. I must keep my feet close to the ground, using a quick, shuffling stride.
If I had understand it well before, maybe I could win. Maybe. I hope. At least.
I told Bien about my experience and shared to him the value I've learned from my father's quite feet but he just told me that he will run with a happy feet instead!
My reaction was like this...
"Ha? Another realization?"

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