Jan 3, 2009

One that keeps me going are my nieces, daughters of my younger brother Darwin. I've seen these two girls the day they came to life and until years of their growing up. They are the batch two in our family(Maxine, Bien and Lean). Batch one composed of Leslie and Anjo both grows up during my teen years ~ now grown ups ~. Good thing is I'm not really just a Tita for them. Mas barkada kami kaya naman siguro they feel free to share secrets with me kahit alam nilang di yun safe sa akin. Yey! We still live in one compound together. Haha~ which reminds me how Leslie now 13 calls me Neyburhood instead of Tita.

What I missed most were Maxine and Lean. I missed waking-up with a loud knock in my door with matching Titaaaa!!!! Titaaaa!!!!! ~ until of course I open the door, they won't stop shouting.
It happens regularly that they would report to me the first thing they do when they woke up. Their hugs, kisses,story-telling time and..... ohh, just everything we always do together~lahat yun nakaka-miss!

It's just so sad that their mom and my brother didn't went well together. Sobs~ that my sister-in-law decided to move back to Tibal-ug with her kids around. It makes my year-end sad. Di lang pala ako but the whole family. It is haed but we have to let them go. My Mom is crying. My Dad is quite. My heart is broken when they bade goodbye. It was Lean who break the silence during the goodbye scene. She told me that she would not go to her mom if I would pay her P500.00. And tell you, she was really serious at that time. I would pay her more than that amount just to let her stay with us. But it's a family thing my brother and his wife would work-out. I gave Maxine and Lean money and told them that we will visit them during summer.
Bien wants to go. He even asked me to live with them in Tibal-og. If I'm hurting with this goodbye ano pa kaya si Bien. I didn't answer. Bien has to deal with his own pain. Pagkatapos kasi ng theraphy ni Bien when he was abused by his own yaya, Maxine and Lean became his world. Kaya alam ko, how painful this situation is for him.

Our last outing was when we spend Christmas in Mt. Apo. I could remember how amazed they were seeing the huge mountain, wild flowers, hot spring..... basta at that time everything that scattered in the area were truly a heaven's gift , lahat beautiful.

I'm gonna share some of our pictures together. I promised Maxine to post them kasi when she will miss us, i-se-search niya na lang daw si Witchyboop.
Nakakalungkot. Nakakaiyak.
Basta Maxine, eto na yung mga pictures natin ha? I just hope your scrolling your notebook right now. Na-miss ka namin... kayung dalawa ni Lean!


ev said...

i feel sad hearing about darwin's and the kids. ever since we became bestfriends i have always treated darwin as my younger bro. hope they'll get over this soon. i know it's not easy...

send my huggss to darwin bes.

jei said...

bagong taon, pina-iyak mo ako. pambihira naman! ayoko ng maging senti.