Dec 11, 2008

Digital Times

Digital Camera got everything, yes but we also need a good means of technology in downloading the files and a good LCD TV for viewing it. Without such medium,things will be a little meaningless.

In photography simplicity is the best. Unconventional composition in photography works for me. In my own opinion, I don't really appreciate the fine tuning I'm doin' in some of my works. It seems that the photographer does not really reading the histogram while shooting (Guilty me!!!). It is so important to use the whole range of histogram because the result of it will mean lower noise, better colours and punchier pictures. Technically, I will give more credit to the medium used for viewing the photos. Your pretty good shots will look more prettier when viewed with LCD TV with a higher resolution. When the action was caught during the shooting in your digital camera, no one can disturb you when your downloading it to your laptop . It will do great for you. In an experience, a photo that was taken overcooked looks great in my laptop. The picture in the screen feels nicely balanced.

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