Dec 26, 2007

Witchy puppet

I considered this one as the greatest material gift Dad gave me.
Not the make-up kit last year;
Not the Juday's like outfit last month;
Not the jewelries and bags years ago
but this one really made my knees bended on the floor.
My WITCHY PUPPET!!! hihihihi

I must admit that this year is our second try-out hubby and wifey relationship as we are trying to keep the marriage strong but I think we will make it ( God's will.... God's will). He understands me more now and I am also discovering new love-aBle attitudes from him.
Acceptance and willingness to be together is on the air!!! He is making me happy as a woman and as a person. And most of all he is bringing the best in me.
I pray that I'm giving him the same impact as he is to me.

When I opened the gift I was really surprised!!! (Grinning)
And more surprised I got when I read his message that goes like this:

To my Witchy wifey,
I love everything about you.
It is just that I do not know how to express it.
You are such a high-maintenance witch.
But I love you.... more than my life.
Suck my blood baby.
Eat my flesh.... merry xmas!!! hohoho
your vampire hubby

He give effort to do this.
I thank him for making me feel secured now.
He also makes me feel sexy and beautiful. It's more than enough.... that is a bonus!!

Thank you dad!!

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jei said...

congratulations! just think that both of you are meant to be together. ervz loves you dearly (i know that deep in my heart) but you know boys, sometimes they just don't know how to express there feelings, especially the loving part. so let go of "everything" (you know what i mean) because i did the same long time ago and i aint wanna go back in "there". i assure you, your hubby loves you, ilang beses na niya iyan sinabi sa akin no! minsan nakakarindi na! bwahahahahahahaah!