Dec 5, 2007


While I am addicted in collecting Paulo Coelho's and Mitch Albom's book , my mom is also into her rare plant collection. When I read my friend Salvee's article about her being a gumamela lover, I can not help but smile. I remember my mom. How she takes care of her plants, how she wakes up every morning to be with them and how important they are to her.

I was inspired today to took so
me photos and chat with my mom regarding my friend SalVee. Wow, Ms Salvee my Mom said if you can come here in General Santos City, She will be touring you in her small flower garden and would probably give some of her baby gumamela plants. She will be happy to have you here !!!

Take this pictures. They are all for you my Friend..


salve said...

thanks for these beautiful flowers, witchy, girl. really love them! :)

salve said...

by the way, i posted the flowers in my blog.
thank you so much, witchy. :)

""rare jonRez"" said...

oh... i love these gumamelas! i never find them here! and my husband used to live in a gumamela st. literally. hahaha! kinda missing hometown now! :)

wITChy Boop said...

recel sana nga makapasyal rin ulit kayo sa pinas. masaya pa naman ang pasko dito.... mmm nagpapainggit yata akets.. hehe.. your baby is very cuteee