Dec 19, 2007

Bien's convocation

"For a moment Dad!" Bien told his father while we were walking home right after the second convocation program in school. Then Daddy paused and when he was about to asked the kid why, Bien told him "Dad, picture... picture!!! Ganito lang na posing dad ha... nakapatong sa kahoy na putol" he added. Dad can not believed that his boy talks like this now. He was laughing while playing with his camera and taking some shots for Bien.
The witchy and the hubby waiting for the Emcee to call- in Bien's name on-stage. Dad here told me that he was inspired taking some photos. We look good together but wait... are we sad here? hehehe nasobrahan yata sa pag emote ang witch, nahhh... The only boy in the first row. Bien with his favorite smile. He calls that as a Zaido-BLAZE-Smile!!!

This is truly what dreams are made of.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics Witchy Boop! Thanks for the link request. I would be happy to add you to my Blog Roll. Happy Holidays!

Iceyelo said...

Nice kid you got there mommy. Magkamukha kayo. :)

""rare jonRez"" said...

haha ka-cute nyo naman! congrats sa little boy nyo. err wait, laki na pala.. sa ulitawo diay!

uu nga, ba't medyo sad kayo ni hubby mo? but anyhoo... u look good pa rin! dreams are made of that talaga.. happiness, eh?

regards dyan my friend!

Webster Twelb said...

para san ung award? Cute naman ng baby moh..

wITChy Boop said...

JD-Thanks once again for reading meh!! It is always flattering to have you.

Ice-nyehehe ..kamukha ko nga pati ugali. Reader yan sya ng oneattitudeblog ni Parisukat... He loves emo's fashion

rez- do you know that I always find you smart and kind? Honest... natatalinuhan ako ako sayo... galing! ehemmm ...di kami sad dyan... medyo napasubra nyata ang emote naming dalawa... (winks!!)

webs- link naman kita please. Pakilagay sa shoutbox ang URL mo... tekats.... nalink na nga ba kita? Si webster twelb kasi ikaw here eh... thanks din sa pagbisita DITO sa munti kong journal..

wITChy Boop said...

ayy! na-forgot ko .. yung award pala eh from school.. mga honor student during second term si bien.