Dec 5, 2007


Whenever I feel so sad or I feel so lousy finishing my report, black curtain uplifts my mood. I am a bit pressured right now. I have to finished today my IEE report for my two clients. Tinatamad pa ako (I feel so lazy). I can not think well. I told Gina about it (Gina is my mom's sister). When I finished taking a bath, I found a black curtain hanging in my room. Abahhh.... I feel alive. Psychologically, it helps my mood to work now. Thank you Gina babyyyy!!
Funny... I am acting like a depressed woman today. I am so sad that I have not watched BATANES movie yesterday! Huhuhuhu
'la lang... ambabaw ko talaga. Hmp!! kainis.


""rare jonRez"" said...

iba ka rin ano?! what's w/ black curtain ba? hehe!!! ganyan talaga, there are times in a woman's life na nagiging tamad tayo!

Iceyelo said...

Okay lang yan. Lahat may karapatang maging mababaw minsan. Ako nga palaging mababaw eh hehehe. Batanes? malapit sa amin yun. :)