Dec 5, 2007

Coffee Witch

(She loves coffee and so she planted one three years ago.
Now she's harvesting and tasting it!!!)

Last week together with my son, we visited our dad and our cute home in Davao. Its been so long since our last visit here. We arrived night time already so when I woke up in the morning craving for my coffee habit, I remember the tree I planted three years way back. So excitedly I rushed to our backyard grabbing gently my son so that I could tell him the story about how I planted this coffee tree. I was really surprised seeing the tree full of red coffee beans.
You could imagine me clapping my hands and jumping!!!
My husband takes care of it pala. Natuwa ang bruha. Galing!
This is how it feels to be excited in a small things, huh...(~_~)!!

My boyfriend Ervien (hehehe) find me cute and so he took pictures together with my coffee dear.
Murag model na noon ko sa kape duh (I feel like a coffee model)
errr... {*=*}

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