Dec 17, 2007

Twinkle died today

Bien received his second honor award this day. As my husband promised Bien we painted the town with our smiles and laughters. We truly have a good time. Bien even told us that he was very happy.

When we got home, my niece LJ told me that my friend from highschool just died today. She got the news from her teacher Happy (Twinkle's younger sister). Happy told her to tell me that my friend is gOne.

It was last month when I saw her lying in a hospital bed. Smiling though not feeling so well.
My close friend Alma keeps on massaging her upper and lower extremities and she would tell her that it eases the pain she was feelin' while I was only in a corner, speechless, uneasy and in- out of wits. I was honestly scared. I always hate it when I saw sick people suffering. I always feel the pain in their eyes and the fear to die. You can imagine how obviously scared I was at that time.

Twinkle, I am praying for your soul now. Your with Jesus and with Mommy brenda too (her mom). Even if were not very close, I know your watching me as I am now encoding my thoughts for you. I could not say I love you because were not really that tight... but you know how much I respect you and admired you as a person.

Twinx..... our last talk was about Matet and your belief that I was angry at you because of what happen to Matet. It feels better now that we have given each other the chance to clarify all those issues. I remember how much we hugged each other for letting go of those issues. You smiled to me and told me that I am a kind person, that my heart is pure.... ( my god.... honestly, I doubt it) but it freed me from the guilt I am supposed to feel now.

Thanks for that chance Twinkle.

I will never forget you
and the way you have implanted the most important lesson you have taught me.


I just hope to really have it, by heart.

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""rare jonRez"" said...

oh... condolence to u for losing a good friend...

may you're feeling better now! :) regards...