Dec 8, 2007


Day and night in my heart and yours I am with you.
From a helpless baby boy now your growing and deciding your own.
Whenever I saw the eagerness in you to soar, to learn and to do things in your own
it keeps the smile on my face
You do wonders in my life son.
You make me sad only if I saw you hurting
and making things wrongly and when you don't listen to us, it tears my heart into pieces.
I pray that you will grow up a fine man son. A man who can manage his own emotions, his own life. A man who can bring joy to his friends, family and loveones. Most of all a good citizen who can make his countrymen proud.

When my Mom told me that you are climbing the mango tree in our backyard, I was not scared at all. You know why son?
I saw in your eyes the determination to learn climbing, your goal.
I am proud seeing you like that.
I even paused for a while, watching how you do things in your own and my god, I even enjoyed it. What a sight!!!

Your grandmother saw it too. So she took a picture of you. I am thankful she did that. I will never forget this picture son.
This will always remind me of my role as a mother.

I will always listen to you my baby. In time, you will also listen to me.
I am also sure that you will go places. You will make your life successful.
I believed in you.


Anonymous said...

Very nice WitchyBoop. I can see you are a good mother :-)

princess said...

Thanks GOD for being part of his growing up. He too believe that he can get through of it regardles how hard and tough to climb on. This son your carry on for so nine months, now you can see how he try to be happy as he overcome the pain attained towards success. I am proud of you being his Mom,to take care of his needs, a freind who listen his quiries, a teacher, who always patienly teach of what he is now.....someday you will know he is just an excellent and brilliant person like you my freind...Just Take Care....

Iceyelo said...

You're doing a good job raising your son. Boys are like kites. Let them fly free in the air, loosen the rope in good wind. but try pulling the rope when it slackens. loose and pull. They need to get some scratches so they will know what pain is. they will grow up good people. congrat po mommy! :)

Nancy said...

nah..naliwat lagi na sa imo frnd. ayaw lang cge i-encourage ug kat-kat sa punuan sa mangga ha kay nah, pastilan ug mahulog.

wITChy Boop said...

JD- I am so happy hearing some from you... you know how much I love your blog.

Iceyelo-Naksss..talaga namang walang kakupas-kupas ang talent mo. I also enjoy your house and everytime I visit your thoughts, gumagaan ang feelings ko... Makalingaw gyud.
Princess- Thank you.... thank you talagaa

and to Nancy my everdearest friend- i will see you . thanks