Dec 26, 2007

What is thy name

Twinkle reach out to be my friend. She's always humble and simple though she got everything a woman could ever asked for. It was at this moment that I realized how good she was to me.
While being so snub and insecure, she gave me friendship and attention.
Many many many years before, I have doubts on her kindness. I did not know who she really is. Just this night on her wake, I realized how good she is as a person and friend.

I am brave and stubborn.
Brave because I can always speak my mind.
Tell her things I truly feel even if it would hurt her.
Stubborn because I realized how selfish I was to her.
And yet after all, she freed me from every guilt feelings I could ever have from being so skeptical to her friendship.
Honestly, I pushed her away while she was trying to get close.
I am just lucky that like her name Twinkle, she truly gives light and shines for the people that matters to her.
Nasayang man ang mga sandaling sana ay nagkasama kami bilang tunay na kaibigan, nag-kausap naman kami at nagkapatawaran bago sya pumanaw.
She assured me not to worry.
She will be safe in heaven.
Rest in peace twinx.


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