Dec 9, 2007

I feel your pain

I just feel the sadness in my friend's life today.
Her mommy is begging for a mercy killing.
She just cried .....she can not let it happen.
Obviously her mom has been suffering from a serious sickness.
It is really painful to see your loveones suffering.
To hear them crying
and begging you to help them stop the feelin'.
Sometimes when the pain is unbearable, we rather want to die.
Nanliit tuloy ako for giving up sa konting problemang dumadaan sa buhay ko.
(Shame on me for sometimes giving up in a small problems I am encountering).
Now I have three questions in my mind.....
How good that death still exist?
Is happiness temporary?
Is pain unavoidable?

Shoelace..... I give you my heart.
I give you friendship.
In times you need some ears, I am here...


Gladys Erhardt said...

:( made me cry and sad right now.. I just left a comment on her blog..her mom already died.

What she's been through right now is not easy...but my prayers are for her and my wish is that she'll get over it sooner than she expected.

It's so painful and hard to accept the unacceptable things. I was in pure darkness when my lolo died. I died with him on that time and it took me over a year to live in darkness and full of hurt.

But prayer is so powerful that one day after his death anniversary I was able to accept that he's gone and that even if I couldn't see him anymore..he's in good hands and watching over me.

By the way..nice post love, thanks for bridging us towards her.

wITChy Boop said...

oh my god glads..... kasad dahil wala akong connection for 7 daysss.... kahilak sad ko..... subooo