Dec 5, 2007

My Childhood Car

This car will always remain in my heart. It is part of our family. My Papa used to fetch us from school and bring us in the beach for a family outing.

For some, it may be a junk but for me it is a precious jewel that will always have a spark in my heart.

Mmmm... have you seen that cute broomstick?

My pumpangkins (pamangkins) love that thing now. Hahahahaha
One of our bonding time is cleaning our backyard during weekends and my kiddos have also put a stick on their brooms and together we will shout this " Broomstick family!!!!"

My father would just smile while watching us. I know he is always happy seeing her 29 year old only daughter playing like a child to his grandchildren.

Have you tried playing with kids? Wow men, it is very therapeutic!

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iceyelo said...

old things usually bring smiles on faces, especially if they were part of good memories. Sometimes I wish that I have some place to keep all of those kind of things.