Nov 11, 2009


She's a very good friend way back highschool. We recently bumped with each other in the Net. Hirap ngang mapaniwalaan na kung kelan limot na limot mo na yung tao atsaka pa sya muling magbabalik. Hehehe Joke lang Angie. Among my friends, sya 'yung pinakahuling taong maiisip kong mag aasawa ng foriegner. I was so scared for her but looking back, naku, tama ang ginawa nya. She's more tha happier now.

Keya ito, she wanna know me better after decades of not seeing each other. I have posted this already but for her sake I'm going to share the link.

Ten Wackiest Thing About Me (Click me)

Mrs. Cape, di pa rin ako nagbabago. I spend time reading anything pa rin.
Problema ko nga eh di yata ako capable maging mature woman. Hehehehe

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