Nov 4, 2009

Lee Dong's Letter (for me!) yeeyy!

My boyfriend is in the army right now. I won't be seeing him for 2 years. That's horrible. But what made me smile? He got me a message!

Please read guys~

(From Lee dong Wook)

Anehaseiyo ! I am very happy to see you ! I am grade II soldier Lee Dong Wook am seeing you healthily in my army uniform am serving my national service with the Defence Media Unit am not able to greet you publicly sooner as it has not been long since I enlisted am still feeling a bit uncomfortable for being a soldier of the Republic of Korea I have started to host a radio program named A Very Good Morning if you wake up early, you will be able to hear me hosting this show I really appreciate your efforts to get up early to support this show this program is produced by our Defence department Thank you for showing interests in our programmes you will find a lot of information at our websites if you take a look at it winter is approaching ... and the swine flu virus spreads rapidly too.
please take care !
do take care and stay happy
I shall see you again
salute !

That's all for now
I am grade II soldier.

Lee Dong Wook

Bongga! Ang sweet nya sa akin. SA AKIN LANG PO ITO NAKA-ADDRESS. (happy face)


jei said...

oo na! sige na! go go go!

Wireworks said...

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Crys said...

ay ang sushal!!!

personal message pa ha?? bonggang-bongga ka sis...


moongoddesslae said...

san mo namang gang sinulatan? Inaagaw mo kay Jei