Nov 8, 2009

Nora Roberts

I've crossed with NRobert's books many times but I just ignored it. Ganun kasi ako, when I visit the bookstore usually alam ko na kung ano ang bibilhin. My usual picks were from Paulo Coelho, Mitch Albom, Sophie Kinsella and Anne Rice.
Sometimes, I get tired with them.

Recently, in a forum where I spend my time most, somebody suggested to try Nora Robert's "Irish Trilogy". Suddenly I was hooked. I searched for the books here and find nothing. Until I found it in a second hand bookstore in General Santos City. I suddenly bought three of her trilogies. I was scared kasi na if I won't buy those 9 books I won't be seeing them again in my next visit. Di naman masyadong expensive kasi nga second-hand.

You can just imagine my happiness. I could even spend the whole day smiling! So I was reading first the Key trilogy.

It's about the three goddessess who were cursed. Their souls were trapped seperately in a glass of box. The guardian of the said box who was a warrior and a teacher and also a lover were the one who'd look for the three women living in the mortal world who were destined to be the keys that could unlock those boxes.
There was a man who bought the portrait of the the three goddesses. The three goddessess were look-a-like of the three women destined to unlock the soul. The first book is entitled The Key of Light, the second one is The Key of Knowledge and the Third is The Key of Valor.

Yung Irish Trilogy naman is about the woman ghost that was found crying in the cottage. It was said that she has a lover na prinsepe pero engkanto. The Prince give her a diamond from the sun,a pearl from the moon and a jewel from the sea but the woman rejected all of it because she was waiting for the Prince to tell him na mahal nya ang babae even without those gift. Kung sinabi lang ng prinsipe yung magic words na I Love You, she would come to him willingly. The Prince became angry and made a curse. Ang sabi she will stay in the world until someone will break the curse. It was already too late when the Prince realized that the woman truly love her. The stroy is a trilogy. Yung tatlong libro ay iikot dun sa kung papano ma-be-break ang spell.

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