Nov 4, 2009

A gold coin in a mud

It's in the boiling mud of Lake Agkho situated exactly in the Heart of Mt. Apo, Kidapawan City that I've seen something that glows when touched by the sun's light. It's oddity made me picked the wooden stick from a tree behind and dig that thing in the boiling mud until I finally have it.
I found a gold. If it's real or not, I'm not sure.

It is an old gold american coin. My ignorance in this field is obvious. I just read what was engraved in the gold coin but I really don't know any information regarding this. My cousin took the coin from me. With a full-blown-eyes he told me how valuable it is! I chuckled with out hoping anything. The only thing I know about having a gold coin is that it's a good investment. I'm not a coin collector not even a gold investor but really, having volumes of this thing could be something. It is a sure investment for a generation.

As of now I only have 1 piece. I pulled back the coin from my cousin. Tossed it, feel its warmth and put it inside my pocket. I don't know if I could buy a bullion from this one but for sure, this will going to be my lucky charm. I'm gonna keep it with me.
I know it will bring me luck in the near future.

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