Feb 27, 2008

Secrets of happy life

My mom shared these words to me while we have our merienda date in Mandarin Restaurant kanina. Sa kunting bagay lang na nangyari ke Bien malungkot pa rin daw ako.
My Mom is trying to cheer me up.
Heya... Mommy okey lang ako oi. Alam mo namang OA lang talaga ako no...

I would just like to share her words:

Be determined in achieving your goal.

My goal is for Bien to become a better and responsible person.

Always be ready for any circumstances
Paano kaya gawin to? Hummm.... prayersss and faith ke Lord..

Go and have fun
When I'm with my family, friends and blogmates~~~I truly have fun plus reading books that I love, watching movies and reading lots of articles about juday and andy garcia.

Always listen to good advices
Certainly even if sometimes its so hard to fathom. Sarap kayang sunod lang ng sunod doon sa nakakapagpasaya sayo for the moment.

Avoid bad habits
errr..chatmates? hehehe C2C?

and lastly always look to where your going...
But mom eto yung version ko: I should have comb my hair all the time so that I will not be able to get confused with the situation I'm into.
Just kidding Mommy. I lavvvv youuu. Thanks for bonding with me today.
Seriously my biggest secret for a happy life is to have you and papa with me all the time if not in presence at least always naman in spirit.


Lerlyn said...

sorry for what happend to ur Bien, i hope ok na cia.. Oo nga loves wala ka nong kasal ko, nag cge lang man ko hulat nimo..wa sad koy cp number nimo. kuyaw gani daghan ni visit sa akoa sa hotel na friends unya wala nisipot sa venue,igo ra gikuha ang ang invitations hehe!naa sad niadto not wearing the proper attire,ngee wala gipasulod sa guard hehe!
anyway, salamat geetings and votes!

wITChy Boop said...

its okey. i was busy then...sobsss.... congrats ler... mrs na gyud ka duh. what hotel are you in? where diay ang venue?