Feb 1, 2008

Self love

Before men can love all men or any man, his first responsibility in LOvE, and will always be, to himself.
Many including me find it difficult to assume that responsibility.
We have no choice but to find this responsibility for when we dont, we will be hugging its alternatives that lies in loneliness, despair.

Simply speaking, to be responsible in love is to love your self because you can not give what you dont have.
My close friend is in a deep personal involvement with another individual. She finds her happiness only to him. She can not move on with out the man.
How can I tell her that love is not exclusive. They need to grow, explore while being together.
We need to love our selves first before risking physically and emotionally.


ev said...


funny coz you've been talking here of self love..while i am talking of unselfish love in my entry..hehe!well,kahit anong love payan basta gwapa tang duha!..di malayo mga thoughts natin ah....hehe!bestfriend jud ta noh..

sometimes its good to hear from you bes..i know you can write your feelings so well...just trust in your writings..liwat baya ko nimo..haha!

its been awhile.

missyah!give my kiss to BS..tsupp!

PS. ayaw baya ni i-block ako comment ha....dili najud ko mo-comment ever dri bah!hahha!nanghuraw?hehe!

kinsa man nang close fren oi!basig ako na ha!hahaha!kashweerte pud sa laki..tsk tsk!;0)

wITChy Boop said...

baya!!! murag wa kay salig sa akong writing ability duh!!!! Sensatinal baya akong articles tung college pa tahh... hahahahahaha hambuga oi.... murag nakuyapan man....
I write by mood bes.
Tama ka.... bestfriend gyud ta....
kinsa to? murag ikaw man tingali...hehehehehehe duaw sa site ni BS.
I am trying to raise a reader son.