Feb 27, 2008

Monkey bites Bien

This is the saddest afternoon in my life.
Our pet monkey Momoy escaped from its house.
Momoy almost had my 3 year old nephew but luckily her mother was there. In trying to protect the child, it was her who was bitten somewhere in her head and in her arms.
We tried to saved them from the monkey until at last after all our efforts the monkey ran to my Mom’s garden. Leaving Igiboy and her Mom alone.

My brother (Igiboy’s Dad) had the monkey in his shoulder after searching it from our compound. Kuya appeared calm and maybe that made the monkey tamed.
We were all inside the house. I was with BS. Holding him tightly until all of the sudden my mom was already screaming and Lean was already crying.
Bien was outside the house. Ni hindi ko napansin that I was not holding him already.
Andun na sya near the monkey’s cage.
The monkey was about to enter its house but when he saw my son Bien. Galit daw yun sa bata. Ewan bakit.
The monkey jumped on him.
I saw it.
I didn’t know what to do.
Ni hindi nga ako sumigaw.
Ni hindi umiyak.
In other words wala kaming nagawa to prevent that incident.

At his age Bien went into lot of traumatic experiences tapos ngayon nadagdagan pa.
I saw my son trying to get rid-off the monkey .
This time was biting his wrist.
Nung nagkaroon na ng chance kinuha na ng brother ko ang monkey.
I can not remember how he did that.
Basta tumakbo ako agad to get my son.
Pinadugo ang sugat. Nilinisan ng maiigi at pinakalma.
He was crying and shouting that he hates monkey.
Ako man.. I wanted to kill that untamed monkey.
May pangyayari talaga sa buhay natin na sadyang kaybilis.
I cared for my son.
Kahit lamok di ko pinadadapuan.
It pains me seeing the wounds caused by that accident.
I sent him to our family doctor.
Dun di-neressing at nilinisan ang sugat.
Still in pain pa sya kaya ini-entertain ni Doctor Garces.
He was injected with anti-tetanus.
Niresetahan ng antibiotic
And nakaeskedyul na for another shots ng anti-rabbies.
Yun daw yung masakit…..
Napapasigaw ako sa inis.
Napapaiyak ako sa galittt…
Bakit ba nangyari ito…
I am so sad todayyy…
And until now I am still crying.
Buwesit talaga… buwesittt….
Sana ako na lang ang kinagat.
Sana di na lang si Bien.


Private Nirvana said...

is that an inquirer newspaper bien is reading? i feel sorry for bien's predicament pero men! inquirer newspaper?! hanep!!!!!

Private Nirvana said...

ay wait....i think it's manila bulletin. kahit na. Naks pa rin!

wITChy Boop said...

he was only reading the sporty page and his favorite comics nga born loser ug archie unya akong ginaconvince to read the broom hilda... kabalo na nga nganu..... hos life? send my kisses to jeph and stan..muwahh..