Feb 28, 2008

A taggie from Nancang

Me and Myself

1. Today I feel very~~~ tired fixing my things for my Davao journey tomorrow
2. I enjoy ~~~reading the book of Jodi Picoult's My sister's keeper
3. I am unhappy when ~~~i have skin allergies
4. I feel good when ~~~i'm with family and friends
5. I wish my boss ~~~my clients would recommend my work to another prospect.
6. My officemates think ~~~i'm easy to be with but i compete a lot.
7. My work area is ~~~ my office near my house.
8. I enjoy reading about ~~~ for now i love Jodi Picoult's work
9. I like myself best when ~~~I guide my son do good in school
10. If I had a choice I would ~~~ make everyone happy. No more broken Hearts
11. I wish ~~~~ to be thin and super thin but healthy so that I can eat everything I want.
12. Tomorrow I would like to ~~~ see and have time to bond with Nancy. At least before she decides another big thing in her life.
Now I'm tagging Eves and Jayvee

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