Feb 10, 2008

The Morrie in my life

An Old Man, A Young Man & The Last Great Lesson

My Mentor will always be my fAthEr.
He is the Morrie in my life.
And I am happy that until now he's here with us and even I'm married, I still live with him and my son too.
Living in one roof . Seeing him every morning before he goes to work and having him every night before he retires to bed.
He would always checked me in my room. Have time to talked to me, to my son and to all his grandchildren.
He shares his knowledge and kindness everyday. Every single moment in my life he never fails to show me how important I am to him.

So I have no right to be bitter. He molded me to be a person who can on the other hand share love and kindness to other people too.
Just like the story of the Wave in the book of Tuesday's with Morrie that became so worried when it realized that his wave is going down. In times, I felt that wave in my heart, but it was the Ocean who reminded the wave not to worry because anyways the wave is still part of the ocean. On my part, the ocean is my father. When I get drowned, I dont have to cry. My father, he is the ocean.
He is always in my heart.
One thing about this book, I learned to show my love and appreciation to my father. He knows all . And as long as he is with us I will never get tired to let him know how much his greatness touched me.
More than enough to share to my friends, family and Katukayo in heart.


""rare jonRez"" said...

ah.... this makes me teary-eyed. and makes me miss my father even more! magti-ten years nang wala ang papa ko.. but the memories i've had with him were the best. ang swerte mo that ur father is still with u until now. :)

ur bonding is admirable.

wITChy Boop said...

hugs Cel.... in your heart and his- andun pa rin ang bonding.