Jul 25, 2008

Fuck oi

Sometimes life is nothing but a fuck!

I really hate my day today.

It’s just so hard sometimes living in an environment full of personalities.


I can not wait to go out and have our life back the way it was.

The three of us lang.

Our rule

Our mandate

Our principle

I wake up so happy today only to ruin by a circumstances.

I really hate your mouth you know.

Sometimes you really are so unfair.

Compare to others, I work hard and yet

Kung makasalita

I feel so idiot.

I hate you

My heart is so angry for you.


jei said...

at sino naman to? don't let it ruin your day gang....remember, NURSE na si Dadi ervz!!! think of that only and everything will be okay, okay? love you gang.

Ev said...

hope you'll feel better bes...

Havenlei said...

Inggit lang sayo un.. Hayaan mo na. *winks

Midas said...

Oy, lagot jud siguro ka no...I hope that you're feeling a tad less angry now.

Missed visiting here...

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