Aug 27, 2008

I wish

Three years ago she was misunderstood by many including me.
Since she's a family, we tried fixing her life believing that she was in a total shit at that time.
When I went back to Gensan I became her guardian. It was a relief after a year of discipline when we started seeing her having a new perspective in life. I could imagine how my Mom-in-law thank everybody who became part of our girl's changes. She had shown to us how responsible she is by having an excellent grades. So we decided to give her back the freedom she used to enjoy. I wasn't happy about the new set-up but what can I do? I don't wanna look like a kontrabida in there lives~ so I keep quite.
Today I've got the shocking news that she is two months pregnant. She went back to Davao to tell her mom about it without my knowledge of her situation. Things were so fast. Naguluhan nga ako dahil the last thing I know was that she came back home here but not with us. She is with her boyfriend. The 3rd year college student who is the father of her child. The family until now were disoriented. My Mom-in-law is heartbroken. It was a failure on my part too but God knows I did my best.
I have not slept for nights thinking about my sister-in-law. I am glad that she called -up today thru phone to ask for an apology. I don't know why, but I could sense hopw happy she is in the other phone line. I could even picture out her beautiful face smiling while we are having our talks. We've talk about her feelings, fears, dreams, and happiness. She even told me how she felt obligated being an adopted child in the family. How her freedom was curtailed and how weak she was for not managing her life well and for always depending on somebody else's to survive.

Now she said that she's happy and I could feel it.
A slow smile spread across my face when she told me to look for the song posted below.
It would help me understand how she felt since the day she discovered that she's only an adopted sister of my husband. Though she knew she was loved and was given everything a daughter and a sister could ever have, she felt empty, tied-up, and obligated.

I cried.... after watching the MTV.
She was right. Now I understand her completely.


jei said...

uh-oh...well if she said she's happy about it, then i guess we have to accept the fact no matter how it made her family sad and disoriented, including you. this song is one of my favorites, it always reminds me of the movie "Amistad", your favorite right?

wITChy Boop said...

yep..... it made me realized that right is a gift.
Gang, na-miss kita. Andami mo talagang alam. I did not realized na song pala ito sa favorite kong Amistad ah...
I miss you gang!

jei said...

hindi naman siya theme song ng amistad. i just remembered the movie every time i hear this song kasi its like about slavery diba? and the singer was black so i think its really about slavery. plus the fact na may part dito sa song na kinuha sa isang kanta ng U2 kaya mas naging paborito ko.