Jul 9, 2008

Communicating with people

In the North, theres a certain series of community reach -out I did as part of the project's social acceptability. What I do in my research here is to ensure the health and safety of the concerned stakeholders while promoting economic activities with equal considerations in the environment. Anticipating and responding to community concerns, aspirations, and values regarding our activities is kinda hard. We already have a preconceived notion against mining be it a medium scale or a small scale. I also have my apprehensions before accepting the project. But you see, that's were responsible mining go. Our country's main resource base is its natural resources. The utilization of these resources carries a great potential in the country's economic growth. There is always a choice of producing or importing the minerals, depending on the evolving comparative advantage among economies. This option, however, requires a certain degree of economic maturity that most developing country has yet to achieve. Thus, mining remains as one of the country’s major development option to free itself from the economic deprivation and attain a better quality of life for its people.Given this situation, the country as part of the global economy, must compete for investment capital in order to sustain many of our industries including mining. Geological prospectivity, stable economic and political conditions are some of the major considerations. However, in order to attract investors into the mining sector, a country must create the enabling environment that will allow it to compete with other countries. This is the very essence why the Philippine Mining Act was enacted by Congress - to provide the positive and competitive climate for mining investments with equal consideration for both social and environmental responsibilities.

What I can assure is when doing my report, I will be establishing an environmental management systems consistent with our current standard even if it's only a small scale artisanal mining where the operators will only be needing hammers and shovels to tilt the manganese ore.


wITChy Boop said...

I have nothing against responsible mining now. The income is much better than planting rice and corns here. Gutom ang mga tao dito sa pagtatanim. Di pa man nakaka-ani, punong puno na ng utang sa abono. You know how much the businesspeople here are buying the raw rice~ 9.00 per kilo and 1.00 peso per kilo of corn. Is it fair? They don't even have an education here,no toilets, at kahit kuryente pa.
"Gutom kami dito Maam" sabi pa ng isang nitibo sa akin. Halos wala po kaming makain sa farming. wala ring matakbuhan kapag me sakit. Hulog ng langit Maam na merong manganese ore dito. Mabubuhay kami."

Gusto ko namang umiyak. Bakit ba ang hirap natin sa Pilipinas samantalang pinagpala naman tayo. Bakit ba di natin namamanage ng maige ang gift ni God for us? Parang yung mayayaman naman lang ang nagpapasarap?

You know how I answered?
Dili gyud environmentalist nga tinubagan...
"Sige lang Tatang, Malooy lagi si Lord. Dili lagi ta pasagdan"

"Day, di kaha mi maunsa anang minahan?"
"Dili man 'tay. Wala may processing plant nga itindog dinhi, unya i-regulate man sad sa DENR ug LGU ang tanan. Responsable nga pag mina ang atung pagabuhatun."

jei said...

reading this post was like reading something that was borrowed from the DENR library...

be sure it's gonna be a responsible mining that they're going to do. kaya mo yan friend...libro ha, palita ko.

Salve said...

Witchy, andaming yaman ng Pilipinas, yung natural, pero iba kasi ang pinagtutuunan ng pansin ng government natin. Imbes na tayo ang makinabang sa mga yun, yung mga dayo na nag-iinvest ang kumikita. Tayo, nagiging tauhan/swelduhan lang nila. Alipin sa sariling lupa. Nakakalungkot, pero totoo.


wITChy Boop said...

Oo nga... tama kayong dalawa. Kaya nga ayokong magseryoso sa blog ni witchy. Balik ako sa pagpapacute ulit.

joan said...

hahaha! flip jud ka loves noh? anyways, wala akong masabi sa mga outfit mo dito. para mong sinaksak sa baga nila na taga-syudad ka. hahaha! seriously, i can relate to ur article. why? family history. my late grandpa used to be a shareholder of a big mining operation, but it was shut down due to economic reasons. and when it reopened having new operators he was already denied of his rights. he fought for it though, but he died still waiting for his claims. so sad. sayang. milyonarya na unta iyang gwapang apo karon. hehehe..

wITChy Boop said...

shiitt jo.... sayang!
anyways, everything happens for a reason and i know, i just know na magiging milyonarya gyud ka.