Jul 20, 2008

Maraming pong tao dito, merun pa sa labas ng building. They attended the session to asked questions about the proposed Small-scale mining in their area. Ahh, this meeting was very healthy. I can say that people here are intelligent. They know exactly what to ask. I was even amazed. If I have not studied well~ mapapahiya talaga ang bruha. I was not aware that they even have invited a mining engineer. He made me nervous! I just thank God that I've done my presentation very well.

All the educators were also in the session. Prepared and confident in their clarifications. Sabi ko nga sa sarili ko, buti na lang nakikinig ako sa mga teachers nung nag-aaral pa ako ng Environmental Planning sa UM. My answers for most of their question were really taken from my stored knowledge during my masteral studies.

I love the way I talked. Nasaniban yata ako ng espirito ni Rizal. But I'm so uglyy here~ yun lang ang hate ko... huhuhuhuh~~~

Taken during the Joint session of Barangay officials and Sanguniang Bayan of Barangay Bao, Municipality of Alamada in North Cotabato.
The locality were apprehensive on the proposed Small scale mining project in their area. Who wouldn't? With the flaws done by the other laws and the effects of irresponsible mining 10 years ago?
Together with other national agency I was with them explaining the mitigations I have prepared. As part of the proponent's requirement, things like Initial Environmental Examination report is needed. This is an assurance that before the DENR would issue an Environmental permits, public scooping has been done and other required documents were gathered.
The new law for mining is perfect, that I might say. Ang hawak ng mga tao dito is anytime kapag di sinunod ng proponent ang conditionalities stipulated in the permit, it can be revoke. And the best partt pa talaga dito ay yung monitoring team composed of NGOs, LGUs, and the DENR. Ity's a multi-tripart tasking. They will be working together to protect our environment and at the same time, uplifting the economic condition of the community.


jei said...

wow, you looked like a famous actress having a press conference for your equally famous new movie. shucks, parang megastar and dating! di ko yan kaya friend!

ev said...

My hat's off to you bes...even from the first time i met you back in college, i know you as a person with real wit and intellect. just always believe in yourself and of GOD.;)

wow!groovy kind of love kau imo music!hehe!

wITChy Boop said...

bes na-miss kita baya.
I thank God for everything!
I believe in Him.

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mare, ka-relate ko diri kay SMI ko work dati...mis yu!