Jul 12, 2008

My workmates and friends in DENR- SMICZMP.

Just looking back at that time when I was still single and wandering.

I was searching for PEACE but I found hatred
In all the days I've lived on with them
I've seen sorrows that blanketed my naturally joyful eyes
Ive felt tears running down in my innocent cheeks
Emptiness amid the crowded world

Now as I'm watching the memories
I'm cured
I was blinded by my wounded pride
All these time
I've been among with people who warmed my heart
People and friends whom at the same time were growing with me.
Its not them who had caused me pain.
It was me all along.

This picture gave back my glowing eyes
Cleansed my cheek from lonesome tears
They've tucked into my life and leave a colorful mark like a rainbow
With them I become who I am today
More loving
More patience
and most of all
More childlike than ever (Happy Grin!)

I felt the excitement I had during my first day of working with them.
I've no longer have to wish for a rainbow
It is here from a place inside me


havenlei said...

yes..napatula uli!!

jei said...

hahay...i don't wanna comment sa mga tao behind smiczmp...where's jeph?