Jul 19, 2008

Purchasing tagalog pocketbooks is one thing that makes me smiling all day! After a haRd work last month, I'm now giving my self anything that makes me happy. I'm reading now as in walang tigil lalo pa't sabado ngayun at sunday bukas! Mind you, I bought almost all the tagalog books authored by Martha Cecilia but not all her books are available today. Yung story nya? Hayyy...kinilig ako. Pasensya na sa kabaduyan but it thrilled all my senses!

And you know what made my day super complete today? I just have my copy of Paulo Coelho's Brida and The Witch of Portobello. Though, there are still books that I have not read and still displayed on my table but as book-addict as I am, I can not resist Paulo. I just need to sleep well and knowing that his books are just there in NBS and yet I still don't have its copy~ It will only stress my night. Di yata yan babagay sa motto kong maging happy lang muna talaga at mag-isip bata pang lalo~ hahahahaa.. basta masaya akooo at busy sa pag-babasa!


jei said...

hala, you collect martha cecilia pala...so how come you gave me one of your MC book? those coelho books looked so lovely! happy reading!

wITChy Boop said...

got two copy of it gang. that one is really for you. someday its ur book na that i'm going to collect. love you gang!