Jul 11, 2008

Just today I finished my documentation.
Yahoooo-yahoooooo~~~~~~I can now watch Anabelle Rama's Movie with her daughter Ruffaya. I've been aching to watch that movie in its first hour of showing but I just can't sacrifice my commitment for next week's defense.

Also, I just teared the packaging of the book entitled The Prisoner Of Tehran today. Back to my reading again! Excited!!!! 'Been planning to bring it with me this day. Today and tomorrow will be my no-more-study-moment. I will feed my soul and my heart with books and DVDs. Hayy... I just can't wait for my copy of Azumi 1 and 2 from Jei. I also wish to reconnect with my busy bestfriend Eves. I wonder how's she been doin!
I'd like to say sorry for not hopping in with my blogger friends. I will be back visiting them probably next month. Nakaka miss na ring makipagblogtsismisan.

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jei said...

hmmmm.....happy reading!