Jul 7, 2008

Going North

I was doing some initial environmental assessment here to be used in my latest project. With a weird clothing and a witchy persona, my stay with them is a huge success.

It was a once in a lifetime project in a warzone place. I could not reject the offer but my boyfriend took a leave in his office to be with me. We stayed in comfortable hotel and truly enjoyed our stay even if I was busy working.

I keep on eating while working on my research. I was so tense in that picture kasi nga bukas na ang presentation ko with the stakeholders, Provincial Governor, Municipal Mayor and other councilors. I grew up in politics because my Mom is in to it but I just hate it when they started to asked questions not in my topic lalo na kapag nagpapasikatan at nagpapagalingan na sila.
I also hope to share with you some of my pictures during the presentation. Let me just think of it as of now.

After the first round, I took a rest and waTch Sharon's movie in Cotabato. Bahala nag magkabomba basta I have to watch her movie (joke...grabee sad..pero tinuod sad baya).

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