May 27, 2008


Nineteen (19) years after our highschool graduation we’ve all changed from a carrot teenagers we used to be from a matured grown ups we are now but for me it is the memories of our highschool days that brings us back from the time when the future didn’t appear important to us.

Life presents us with so many possibilities. So many different roads to travel. The ones we take could probably changed our lives forever. For better or for worse, but now I’ve realized that the future is not really important us we think, for the past actually defined us and makes us what we are.

Life presents us with so many choices. Choices that are now leading us. But sometimes we know what’s the right one but we decide not to make it. Maybe KARMA is right. If we had made the right choice from the beginning everything would have been different. Maybe twinkle would be spared from great pain. Of course I couldn’t tell her story. In respect and love for her.I’m not blaming anybody here~Sighed~ forget it..~

I learned from her to always choose the right path from the very beginning. I just hope that I can see my purpose in life. Would it be not in the future or in the past but in the present. We have to learn to choose the right path. I just hope I can see mine in time. But you know if we failed, we can always start again. We should forget all about bad things in the past.


About D’Varcadaz 17 (our group's name~ composed of the most popular girls in the campus if not at all time at least in our own time).

We are all 17 in our barkada during highschool. Together we always celebrate our monthsary. Renting a car and going out the city as a group. We really don’t care the danger it brings and we don’t even care going out even without our parent’s permission. I was once grounded for this but it didn’t stop me from joining the celebration monthly for the entire years of my highschool. The intensity of my friendship with them at that time was soaring high.

When we got in to college, we’ve started molding lives in to our own choices. Until, we slowly forget the ecstasy we’ve known once.

In Twinkle’s funeral, it’s actually like a reunion. In her death, she was able to bridge our gap. Believe me, right now we are communicating, The sixteen who remains. Some works and live abroad, some are in other parts of this country, some stayed in GenSan like me but the power of technology made it possible for us to keep in touch.

_this is not a witcylike talkings. I've been sentimental lately. My bestfriend Eves told me that it is actually sign of aging. Ohhh myyy!!! Cant help it.. ehehe~

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Points of View said...

Kadtong high school ko ako ang pinaka way buot sa amo magbarkada. if I laughed, i swear wala koy pakialam..wala jud koy poise bahalag maguba ang nawong ug kinatawa.."high school life every memory kay " a song goes.

ang gusto kong balikan? yung time na napakasimple lang sa amin ang buhay....kahit walang pera, we could find ways to keep in touch. i thought the new tech. would help us to bring back the old times now, but as soon as everybody got married..things have changed completey. we still keep in touch, but the keeping in touch through txting is like a song with no more rhyme. i miss them though.