May 7, 2008

Hey Jayvee Jude

I'm so lazyy.
I just wanna sleep after studying then watched Sharon Cuneta's old movies.
I can not even afford to go out the house.
Takot yata ako sa water. Ewww...
Actually my new project is very alien to me.
This has something to do with underwater study. Very different from my previous projects. Just like everybody syempre I wanna give my best and learn new things.
The hardest part lang naman talaga is that ang hirap magsuklay ng hair!!!
I'm soo curlyyy....
kaya when I'm online ayaw kong makipag C2C sa mga friends.
Imagine I'm waking up late, magba-brush ng teeth, magkakape, kakain ng oatmeal,maghihilamus,tapos yun na magbababad uli sa room at paninindigang maging bruha ever.
My son would spend time sa Mom ko and to his cousins. Once in a while he would drop by and be with me tapos alis na.
In times like this, I easily get irritated. I can not afford to be distracted.
I'm so grumpy.
but you know what?
Jayvee could make me smile.
My heart can't say no to her.
When she pops-out in my YM and would say
"Hi gang!"
You could imagine that I really am grinning.
Grabee, kaloka talaga minsan si Jayvee.
Anyway gang, this is all I can say for now.
I am complying my girlfriend's request to just blog today.
I love you gang.
I am so glad that despite of my bad-mannered attitude kang Nancy, you remain in my side.
Kaya minsan gang the first time Lae told me that I was kind~ speechless ang witchy~. Parang hindi man oi.
I'm glad to have her as friend. Bahh ang ganda kaya parang artista.
Hey Jude, eto pah, until now napapailing ako sa secret mong ini-reveal to me.
Is it? REALLY?


lira said...

fan diay ka ni mega mare?

tasteful voyage
a mom's note

jei said...

hello gang! ganun? thanks for taking the time for giving in to my request! hehehehehhe...i never thought ganun ka talaga ka busy. anyway, go and study hard kasi by the time it's finished, buy me another book, hahahahahaha. patawa-tawa lang yan pero seryoso yan na request ha. i don't know but lately, lagi na akong humihingi ng kahit anong libro sa mga TRUE friends ko pati na rin sa mga kapamilya (i'm so poor!). don't bother giving me food or clothes or shoes or anything---just give me a book (kahit second hand) and I will be very, very, very happy! syempre, books are MY PREEEECCCCCIIIOOOUUUSSSS....hahahaha, i miss Gollum bigla.

love you din gang! you're more, more, more great than Bangles!

wITChy Boop said...

Bangle? Pwede bah..hwag itabi si witchy dyan. Sure gang...more books for you. Pag na-published na novels mo, my turn ~ hehehe~ Negosyante diay ko..nagainvest kanimo..

jei said...

gang....bad investment oi. malugi ka. buang!

wITChy Boop said...

Unsay lugi?
I believed in you.
I love your SMS bahin kang Bangles.
Really? She would fly to Manila just to watch 'that' concert?
Sarapppp namang sumama

wITChy Boop said...

Mareng Lira~ isa sa mga actress nga akung giganahan Mare. Thanks for dropping bye