May 21, 2008


Last Saturday my friend from Davao paid a visit here in GenSan. sweet!!!!She stayed with us for one night and a day. Parang di naman yata kami nag sleep ni Connie. We keep on talking about anything under the dark sky. I miss her everything~ including our community works in Mt. Matutum, staying and living with the B'laan people there for almost every month, our working chemistry and the exotic foods we ate in the field. Most of all her friendship. Sometimes ang sarap sarap balikan ng past. Even the pains you have encountered. Kami ni Connie, we have plenty of painful experiences while working in DENR. Painful dahil masasama ang puso ng ibang kasamahan namin but I love the job. My's a wonderful job. Imagine, artist kami dun! We have our ways of doing things na wala ang iba. We do video documentations and any documentary write-ups for the project. We also facilitate trainings, workshops and any information education campaign stuff dun mismo sa field. Imagine traveling in Southern Mindanao from the top of Mt. Matutum and under the waters of Sarangani Bay for 6 years? As in under the water ha? We do the diving, the underwater assessment and a lot more. Sometimes availing workshop pa for free in animation, photography, video editing leadership seminars and a lot of environmental chuva.
Connie is a very patient person. She can keep her bad moods. Smiles even hurting inside. And she stayed with me ~right or wrong~.
I could still imagine how she cried when I resigned. She was not prepared for it. It also broke my heart but you see, everything happens for a reason. We are more happier now. God arranged everything for us. We may not be workin' together now but our friendship remains.
I intend to keep it for the rest of my life.
Thank you sa lovebirds Connie. Nangitlog na pala sila~~eeeeee!!!!!


jei said...

ay ako din...punta din ako diyan someday....hahahaha, kailan pa kaya yun? kainis! kainggit huh! you love that kind of work?...uhmmm, yuck! ehem....been there, done that and still...yuck! bwahahahahahahaha!

wITChy Boop said...

the work... yes!!!!
some people I'm working with~not much but hell, I learned humility from them
and the community of Balsiao, Malalag,Digos and Souith Cotabato are all amazing!

Ev said...

It's so amazing to realize that at some areas in our life, we are so blessed with good friends.

Keep up the friendship. I also feel so blessed to have known Connie even for just a short span of time. Her warmness echoes down to my soul just as you do..Bes.

I miss our Samal Adventure. I have not thanked you enough for your great shots and for the priceless laughs!

Regards to Connie.

wITChy Boop said...

hi bes..... your back?
i miss my bestfriend!
na-miss ka rin ni benjie
at saka ni blue....

lira said...

bitaw mare nganong ni-resign man ka oi. luoy imong miga nawad-an og good fwen sa office...