May 24, 2008

For keepin'

I'm keeping everything that reminds me of them like the pictures I posted below.
The memories of our last get-together as a group. We have celebrated our graduation for an overnight beach party! I could still remember all the fun we had! 'wish to bring it back now... (though I am currently chatting here with Joan and Eves) (From right: Maricel,Eves,Witchy,Judith,Joel, and Joan~wowlegs~)

From Amy Evans:
Imagine yourself as an artist...painting the scenes of your life. Right now your canvas may look gray and drab, but you have power to change it. The colors lie before you-- in all of the special strengths that make you "you". You can make your life what you want it to be.

We are dreamers then. Full of hope, full of energy. Di pa rin nababawasan yung hope until now. And our urge to dream for more still continues... I just wish that oneday,magawa ulit natin ang ganitong outing ng buo. I miss you all guys.
By the way, Joan and Eves, I have to sleep now. My eyes could no longer afford to join our YMconference. Huhuuummmm......
I love you guys! Muwahhh.....

Aye! Wait...
Ang liliit naman ng mga friends ko!
harharhar~~ dinabale... cute man sad!


joan said...

loves! i couldnt remember these pics anymore! it says something about our age, dont u think? hehehe

wITChy Boop said...

nahhh..hubog man tingali? hehehehe

ev said...

hahahaha! murag mga myembro sa "Batibot"..hehe!

these are the moments of college days that remain priceless...lami kau ta pagkusion sa aping!;o)

wITChy Boop said...

Hahahahaha.... pakusi beh.
Pero ingun nimo murag membro ta sa "Tabing-Itlog"! Unsay themesong nato ani Bes?

lira said...

salamat sa pag-post mare. naa na sad ko tag nmo pero wa pa na-post.

lihog na sad ko add ani nga blog mare kng oks lng.

unya kng oks ra sad, pwede mangau sa inyong love story ni fafing kaya kong post didto nga blog.