May 15, 2008

Meet my Gladys

She's a friend way back college but our first encounter was not nice at all.
How could you not notice her?
She's really a flirt.
She talks english eloquently.
She shouts like an ayala girl wannabe.
She acts like a Kris Aquino-trying hard.
She hangs out with all the charming guys in the campus though she's not my idea of being beautiful.
I've noticed her in the first weeks of my schooling in Holy Cross of Davao until one day she talks to me with a bunch of flirty girlfriends around her. She ( was a totally disgusting woman). She could not afford to walk alone, always with the whole freak entourage with her.
Gladys: "Miss I'm looking for Lovielly P. Patricio. She might be your classmate. You know her?"
I was alone in my table, eating palabok and drinking my coffee when she approached me. I swear that I played deaf and blind at that time. I continued sipping my coffee and eating my food.
Gladys: "Maldita man ka oi." Then she walk away from me and never tried approaching me again ( hehehe what a witch).
In one of my father's visit, we were having an afternoon lunch together with Gerald ( My friend and Apple's BF. Apple is also a close friend from highschool). Si Gerald close sa father ko because ang Papa n'ya ay ku-buddy ni Papa sa pagiging sabungero. That time, di pa uso ang ATM, Smart padala o kung anu pang means of sending money in a minute. So we were having lunch kasama si Gerald basically para i-abot ng Papa ang weekly allowance na padala ng Papa nya sa kanya. After our luch, umalis ang Papa ko kasi me meeting yata so I waS with Gerald alone. We were actually talking about Apples when Gladys came in the picture. She was so angry as in na para bang she wanna eat me then. ISKANDALOSA pa sya. It's one of her trait na until now di pa rin nawawala.

Gladys: "You have been bitching me unya boyfriend snatcher ra diay ka! Di ra ba gyud ka gwapa, dako ra ka ug totoy apil lubot!" ( Your bitching me and yet your snatching my BF. Your not beautiful! You only got that big boobs and but!)
She said that to me drastically with out even caring about other people watching us already in Mandarin restaurant.
I just get my book from my school bag and tried to read it. That was my way of ignoring her but she get a chair and sit with us. Obviously galit pa rin. I can still remember kung pano manlisik ang mga mata ni Gladys sa akin.
Gerald: "What's with you Gladys? She's Lovielly. Taga GenSan gyapun." (Like us, She's from GenSan also). Explained pa ni Gerald while keeping his calm.
Gladys: "Yeah! She's your latest toy!" (She uttered raising her eyebrows and ohh my... her breathing could almost explode sa kaka-control ng inis nya sa akin.) I just hate her
dialogue.Masyadong copied.. ewwww.

Lovielly: "O V E R !" I said to her while closing the book I was reading kuno.
"Living thing baya ko. I'm not a toy." ( I can't help it but I was really smiling. I wanna laugh hard as in ... or I was really laughing hard na man tingali?)

I couldn't hate her that moment the way I do the first time I saw Gladys loitering in our school campus. Somehow Gerald told me nga fling ra niya ang girl while we were having lunch that afternoon. It was Gladys who courted Gerald and even asked or beg him to consider her as his number two. Davao-based girlfriend. He showed me their pictures during our lunch but in return I must keep the information from Apples.

Lovielly: "Gladys Sobremonte, number two~ behave... Please!" I said to her.
Gladys: "Hell, how'd u know about that number two."
Lovielly: "I just knew. Gusto mo hulaan kita?"
Then we became friends. Good friends until she graduated that year and landed a job in GenSan while I continued studying in HCDC and having new set of friends. Mostly behave ( Joan), weirder(Joel),funny(Janet, Judith,Jaya,Maricel, Nandy), goodhearted (Eves), and all of them are good grades earner.
I've worked and got a family, lived in Davao and we remain friends.
Until now that I've transfer here in Gensan, she became not only a good friend but also my therapist.She can easily turn the bad events in my life in to a comedy.
I love the woman in her. She maybe still flirting up to now but it was from her that I have learned how to be beautiful.

Ito yung eksena na di ko pwedeng kalimutan:

Noel: " Gladys tambok na kaayo ka. Di na ka gwapa. ( Your so fat Gladys.No longer beautiful!)
I feel bad hearing those words. I wanna slap the guy for telling her that. Pero Gladys was not affected at all. She is so confident no matter what would people think about her.

Gladys: "Paghilum dinha Noel.(Shut up, Noel) Problema mo na yan.(Your problem, not mine) It was not my fault when I see the most beautiful girl in the whole universe whenever I watched my self in the mirror. Gwapa gyud ka Gladysss….. mamublema gyud ang mga laki nimo kay di sila katilaw nimo. Mamatay na lang sila ug huna-huna kanus-a ko nila matilawan! (You are beautiful Gladys! Guys would actually get crazy on you. They will even die without tasting how yummy you aree!)

She was telling him that by heart actually. While listening to her I was also convinced that she was beautiful. Up to now whenever I see her, she really is beautiful. It was her confidence that makes her shine among other women.


Moon Goddess Lae said...

haha..I like your pagka-maldita.Kung ako lalapitan at gaganunin..aba!gera na yun! mas nkakasar pla kung deadmahin na lang heheheh

wITChy Boop said...

maganda ka talaga in!!!

joan said...

oh my, loves, the mention of old friends' names here makes me wanna turn back the time...the best times of my life.

lheeanne said...

wow! i miss my friends back in pinas...

wITChy Boop said...

Joan I will published some of our pictures during college. Di mo nakita yun I'm sure kasi pinagdamut ko yun senyo. hehehehe..
as in si Joel iba pa ang dating! Ako? naksss tbird kung pumurma...
You will love it!!!