May 23, 2008

Books vs. Movies

I found the title in one of the site I’m surfing just now while doing my research for my backjob project (~sobs~).
Life is like that, you have the chance to correct mistakes you have done in the past- I mean you can’t go back and edit it but it’s never too late to change the wrong path you have chosen ~reaction on backjob~


Having my eyes looking at this site made me smile! Hmmm.... Books vs. Movies.
I find books more complete and satisfying. It's like all my senses are working to the fullest when reading. In watching movies, I just let my self be swept away by the visuals, sound effects, cinematography and the awesome performance of the characters. I usually read first before watching the movie version of the book ~ at the end, I get satisfied because I am always convinced that reading is more fulfilling than just watching. I get the feelings of being lost inside the skin of another person or I would imagine that I was the one who has been portraying the favorite character of my readings. I’m inside the book in short. In movie watching? I’m just there watching from the outside always trying to get inside.
But I love movies esp if it’s british films, korean and now Japanese movies!
It’s just that when comparing, books would be my number one.

My latest reads is about Beauty by Robin Mackinley. It is a re-telling story of Beauty and the Beast (My favorite fairytale ever in my life and that includes its themesong ha? (~Remembering the first time I was kissed by a guy~ giggles!!! -kaigat unsaun na lang~). The story is super closed to the version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. A bookish girl with a chilly horse, mysterious beast and enchanting castle that has a startling library. Can you imagine me dropping my favorite fairytale movie for one? Nahhhh…. Yes, I’m dropping it. I usually don’t drop stuff so easy but this one got me!

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nyl said...

your love for books is also the same as your continued search for knowledge. keep that habit!

it's been awhile..hehe!