Jan 6, 2008

Things that will rule my life

I will not stop improving my life, my self and my character.
In as much as I can, I will develop a strong foundation so that I can easily reach out to others.
Sometimes it's really hard to do specially if I'm not in my "nicey-witchy-girlie mood" but I will give my genuine services to those who needs me and lastly I will not forget God above all these.

My 2007 ends well. I was blessed with so many things. This 2008 also started very well. Got my new client, my husband is doing good in his work and studies and my son is also having a great time. I also have bunch of humble and talented bloggerfriends, supportive parents and a mother in-law, loyal friends and honest relatives.

I am reliving my passion sa pagka-sweyt...
"i love you all!!!"


iceyelo said...

ang sweyt nanaman. :)

recel said...

sweet ha! hehe...

i haven't been here in a while, and so i wanna greet u a happy 2008. it's not too late yet, is it? regards!

wITChy Boop said...

thanks cel...ambizi mo yata ngayun fren!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lovielly!
These are great goals and ideals!
Glad to see you and your family are doing well.
God bless and take care.
Your friend.

wITChy Boop said...

You can imagine how sweet my smile today. ALL MY FAVORITE bloggers were here. Icey- sweet ka kasi kaya nakakainspire maging sweet rin. hehehe
recel- thanks again for visiting. buti naman di ka busy...
JD- You made my day complete!!!

Liza said...

That's so sweet! Glad to know that your 2008 started well, ako rin! :)

Take care and have a great day.