Jan 15, 2008

Ten Questions

I was tagged by my friend Gladys.
Here are the ten things about me. Dyaranggg....

1. I love to eat: Vegetarian food... period

2. I hate to eat: Meaty and oily stuff

3. I love to go: To New Zealand where the family wants to migrate

4. I hate to go: To noisy places and irritable area where dirty dogs stayed.

5. I love it when: I'm reading JK Rowling books, Paulo Coelho's and when watching JuDay's Movie and her TV GuesTings, reading MaGazines and NewspaPers only when Juday's articles and interviews are in it.

6. I hate it when: when I'm dealing with obviously corrupt people

7. I love to see: my son playing with his Papalolo and when my son would asked his dad about his childhood achievement. If you could only see Ervien's facial expression..heheee

.8. I hate to see: My body gaining weight

9. I love to hear: Bien telling my friends that her mom is a sexy baby ( grabee siguro ang bayad sa bata)

10. I hate to hear: Negative remarks about losing hope. No matter how hard it is, there will always be a way. I dont like it when somebody gives up easily.

jAyVee I am tagging you now. I love you friend!!! Di ka nag iisa sa yung problema ngayun... andito pa kami.


Gladys said...

hahahhaha...basi tag 100 allowance ani everyday maong sexy jud si mommy..bitaw uy joke ra.

sexy jud uy..saon na lang.

Black_Mamba said...

On # 7, how do you deal with them then, pagkarami rami niyan dito sa Pinas ugh..........

Magkaiba pala taste natin sa food. I'm a meat-eater :)

jeckyll said...

wow. i like JK's and Paulo's books, too. i've been collecting coelho's books since I finished reading the alchemist. have you tried mitch albom's? it's a great read also. :D

wITChy Boop said...

yes jeckyll... I tried the Tuesdays with M and the 5 people you meet in heaven. Im still waiting for his new book but its not yet here in GEnsan