Jan 3, 2008

Missing dad (2)

Last year I already published an article entitled Missing dad. I want to write a new one today with the same title pa rin.

We wasn't able to see Dad for two days and we are missing him like crazy. We called him but it's not enough to satiate us.

Hayy.. I am so bitter that there was a Hitler instinct within me to destroy all that I have. Grrrr....
However, I am trying to be calm now because nag - iinarte na naman ang bruha...
Like a drug, I am hooked with him.... (kilig!!!!! pabarumbado ko pang sambit.)
I could not stand a day with out him.
The image of his sweet, innocent face(daw) haunts me no matter how hard I thrusted the pillow on my eyes and face. My heart (Arrgghh) just can't lie for me. I am inloveeee and I couldn't help it!!!!!
Kaya nga minsan mas mabuti pang maging manhid.
Lintek.... wala naman akong problema, nabo-bored lang ata kaya pati asawang nag-tatrabaho at nag-aaral ng nursing ay binubugbug sa imahinasyun. hehehee

Babush muna... manonood lang ako ng movie ni juday at Ryan.

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