Jan 14, 2008

New friends

Though my schedule is very hectic these past few days, I still fulfilled my promise to Bien that I will personally guide and take him to school. The competition for academic performance is kinda hard since almost all the kids in his class are really intelligent but still want him to take it easy and enjoy his childhood while competing. I can sense that Bien is enjoying the competition.
The kids after all are kind hearted. They maybe compete in almost all their subjects but still friends after class.

I started having friends with some other momya.
Talking to them while waiting for the class to end is also a therapy for me.
I was able to learn many things about life.
This morning, I was with a new friend named Jo. She bakes cake very well.
You know instead of using an oven for cooking , she used a drum.
I was really surprised.
And the taste is also wonderful.
Better than Red ribbon cakes!!!


Lerlyn said...

basta lagi Bien ang name kay bright!hehe! akong anak kay Bienne sad ang name Luvs, hehe!mao sa Bright academy cia nag skul..pero wala ko gahulat sa iya sa skul kay kanang mga yaya mga tabian..ilang gina tsismis ang mga mommy..hehe 1month ra ko naghulat nya sa skul oi..wa may mga inahan gud nagbantay.
Kuyawa pud ana nga cake made from drum..sa kalayo giluto?

wITChy Boop said...

yep... sa kalayo gyud.
about those nanny's ganyan lang talaga sila mag isip.
they dont read tingali that's why lahi ra gyud ang topic.
I wouls really wanna come to your wedding but with my busy skedyul sa research I will try... I will really try.