Jan 21, 2008

Journaling my thoughts

I have a daily journal like most of you but I have done it on and off for ## years. I just write about anything and it’s a free form straight from my head. Snatched from all sorts of my witchy brain and nail them all to the page. I am free to write anything from my own looks and outviews. Sometimes it is enlightening and sometimes it’s just for fun.
And now I am using my Personal Computer to blog and hacked a friend from different countries. Its more fun and entertaining. I am doing this not for money but an extension of my personal thoughts. Not so heavy –not so light. I only write when I feel like writing. I will call my nook and play with my keyboard only when needed by my weirdy soul.
My special journal last year covers about my fights against myself, relationship and etc. I did it and I won my battle (including the witchy’s constant challenges of reaching her desired weight). VANITY
It is emotionally frustrating.
Whenever I sitdown here now, my entry has been decided. I will call that FOCUS. I am not facing the blank page without direction. Honestly, I often find it difficult to say what exactly I mean, to express fully myself in a very uncomplicated subject and to fully understand the situation I am trying to described.

But journaling is very valuable to me. It may not obvious but this system helps me realized to manage my thoughts.


recel said...

i agree sis! journaling indeed helps us organize our thoughts. for me, it keeps my sanity. lol and paid blogging rocks, too. no doubt about that!

hey, how have u been?:)

rhon said...

great discovery girl :) keep it up.. hehehe

as always,

A Simple Life said...

Congratulations on winning the battle.