Nov 3, 2008

To be with someone you love is something that makes you a complete person though sometimes there are misunderstandings yet at the end of the day both of you tried to tidy things up.
Today my whole family spent quality time on a beach.
My Dad even in his busiest schedule makes our holiday purfecct!!!
We started our day at 6:00 am and we got back home (from the beach eyyy...) at around 1:00 pm.
Bien was so tired so he was sleeping the whole day. Ervien and I spend an hours watching SOP (an afternoon program of Channel 7-GMA). We just missed doing simple things like this ...just like old times when we were still single and just u'know being so comfortable doing nothing together.
Not that because we are more happier before but things are different right now. Iba na ang takbo ng utak.... future-oriented na kumbaga. So Dad's work in the other city is just a part of the sacrifices. Sacrifice because Bien is growing up without Dad in his side every day. Though the kid naman is smart enough to understand the situation.
Well going back to the watching TV moment namin together~~~ We do appreciate the show SOP. Kaming dalawa ni Dad kasi for us halos lahat yata ng talent eh total performer. They know how to sing and dance. It is like watching a concert on TV. The great part of that show yesterday was when Jolina and her other companions were singing. Pati si hubby na-impressed. Oo nga, hindi nga kumupas si Jolins. hehehehe...~~~ syensya na sa kababawan. I also like the show because 80's 'yung fashion na isinusuot nila dun and that includes the music that they were singing.
Anything about 80's brings me back my happy childhood and teenage years.

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