Nov 23, 2008

How do I manage my stress nowadays?

To manage my family, I must take care of my self first. I go to gym almost everyday and sometimes pamper my self with lots of books (filipino and foreign authors~ and I splurged buying them ng pakyawan. So what I do is that I have my list and knows what to buy already.
One thing that my mom would hate to see. She will tell me na sa dami ng naghihirap sa mundo how can I be insensitive. I will answer her naman na Mom naghihirap din ako but I just cant afford not to have these. I've been working hard for these books Mom.
She'll know when to give up. Alam nya that she could never win debating to me sa ganitong topic. GHoosH....
Eeeee!!!! (napasigaw lang po.)
I'm still overwhelmed by Martha Cecilia's tagalog romance novel. Pinakyaw ko kaya lahat ng Kristine Series nya kaya napasimangot na si Mommy. Some were already forwarded to my ganggang Jei. Jei find it mushy to read them.... but.... it do makes me happy as in super happy kasi until now I'm still imagining the characters! Nainlove tuloy ako ulit.
With Paulo Coelho's book naman is different. Of course I love him thats why I have a complete copy of his books. Iba naman yung dating ni Paulo, I'm learning from his words. With Martha's book, she simply makes me smile all day. Hayyy.... that's what makes me young.
So how do I managed my stress?
'la lang, gawin ko lang ko lang talaga what would make me happy. basta ba hindi ako nakakaapak ng iba. Bakit ko naman pipigilang maging masaya.
Si Mommy talaga, dami pang sinabi, napaemote tuloy ako.
Hmm... makabasa na nga uli.


jei said...

i have an answer for this post...just wait for it on my blog because i'm still concentrating on my 80's series.
pero tama ka, libro nga ang pangpaganda ng araw.

John said...

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