Nov 10, 2008

Letting your child be....

What can I do as to let my son be himself? Perhaps it is by not planning too much for him but standing back and getting to know him more. Everyday there is always something new in him. My mom told me that I may not even noticed it but I am becoming a push-over mommy to Bien and I would say "Huh? Impossible!"

Actually Mom is right. Baka nga di ko lang napapansin. Masyado akong naprapraning na top 15 lang sya. Di yata ako mapalagay doon na sa totoo lang as if yun na lang ba talaga ang importante. I should have known na I am only here to guide and protect him and to help him map out his life and personality. Hindi para diktahan sya at i-hulma sa kung anung klaseng tao ko sya gustong maging.

I am proud of him but I am honestly getting too much. Too much because when I scolded him yesterday I said something that also surprised me. My baby was hurt. He cried silently and it breaks my heart. I regret it. Bumabawi nga ako today. I should not let him doubt that he's loved~ simply for being himself.

Today I just got home from school having all the test results of my son together with my brother Darwin who also had the test-result of her daughter Lean. Lean's test result is simply horrible. As in! But as soon as my niece approached his Dad, he said "Lean, we're very proud of you, you did very well!" Lean smiled back at him happily.
You see what I learned here?
Tangee talaga ako minsan. Kelangan ko raw manood ng "SIS" ng GMA pahabol ng mommy ko.


jei said...

don't be like my mom loves...look at me, no enough confidence and very weak. bien, on the other hand, young as he is, is oozing with confidence and seems to know what he wants. don't ever break that. let him be.

wITChy Boop said...

yeahh...... thanks for always watching over me gang... I've learned so much from my yesterday's experience.
oist, nag unsa na pud diay si eyudefutang bangles gang?

jei said...

hahahaha! kakuyaw sa word na gigamit. nakatawa gyud ko. hahahahahahaha!!!!