Oct 17, 2007

Me as Cyberman's girl

(this article is still part of the series tHAT I'm going to publish here. I feel uneasy reading this again? Hayyy... naunsa diay ko ani? Katingalahan!!!) Hilassss kaayo

In this picture I was sad. You know why? Because I was a jealous and insecure person at that time when I shot this. I was so selfish that I was only thinking of my own happiness. I totally forgot that my bebek is also a human. Like me, he had feelings as well.
(I am glad that I have realized to get this mood away from me.)

I used to be very possessive, jealous, domineering and controlling to my bebek.
I am fortunate that he is not that type instead he would comfort and assured me every time
that I am the only woman he loves!
Hmmm..... see how pretty I am?
He is making me a happy and beautiful person inside and out.

That is why I am very scared to hurt him and make him sad.
So beginning yesterday I have decided to be independent from him.
Trust seems to be very important to Spiderdad.
I have failed him in that area and made him sad many many times.

I also keeps on bothering him.
Sending him letters and letters and lots of letters in a day.
Ohhh, see I was a bad and very immature girlfriend.
That I realized only today.

Indeed, I am so lucky to have him.
Today he find me strong.
He said He was worried.
I am confused?

I hope that by giving him trust and freedom
he would still love me the way he is giving me love.
i could not asked for more.
He is giving me the best love one could ever have.

I thank him for really giving a big difference in my life.
I learned many things from him.
Today I was really trying not to sent him anything in his e-mails and YM
I may disturb him in his work
He also has his own life
As I should also be busy in my life here.

I must always remember that our love-time is during our vacant time in a day. My mornings and his evenings.

Watch my picture here.
I am happy today because I am no longer insecure.

Murat deserves to be trusted.

If he is sad, I will also be sad.

When he smiles at me every morning..... I realized how much joy it brings to my heart.

Hmmmm.... I really love him!!! Like duh!!!!

Loving will make you look good and sexy. So why dont you love?

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spiderman said...

nice words baby..
ı lıke when you jealous me baby
ı lıke when you worry at me..so that is a sign for to attach importance..
ı lıke every all them because you esteem me
really ı lıke so much
muck..thnaks again for loving me

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