Oct 16, 2007

Confession part 2

My son is always proud of me. I know and he is very sweet to make me feel that everyday.
When I was about to use the CR in the schoolcampus, I saw a 5 year old child crying inside. Her eyes were so scared and her shoulders were trembling...
I asked her what happened?
"Gibiyaan na mi sa akung mama...." (my mother left me already. She said while still crying.
I felt her pain.
Para akong nakuryente.

I can not imagine my son crying this way.
So helplessss....
So confuseeedddd
So..... lost!!!

I hugged the child then she hugged me back.
Then my son followed me pala.
He was behind me all this time and yet I did not know.
"XXXXX, your mommy is bad. My mommy? She is not bad." proudly declared by my son to her classmate XXXXXX.
Then the boy hugged the child after he give the girl his hanky.

I feel so guiltyy...
" Ako na lang mommy mo ha dito sa school..." I told her.

I wrapped my arms around her.
I still feel up tonow the neartbeat of the child.
Ang bilis bilis pero nung yakap ko na... unti-unti namang kumalma na..
And pati ang love that I felt for my cyberman... kumalma na rin.

That day was the most wonderful day in my life.
God send me angels to remind me that I am already happy.

Its not hard to let go.
Its not hard to be selfless.
My family needs me.
Above all, they love me 100 percent

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