Oct 17, 2007

Letting go

(I wrote this article 4 months ago when I was still in the verge of deciding to let go of my cyberman. Nakakatawa pala ako nun (i was so funny then)..... masyadong inlove. Grabee. But I remember that while writing this, my heart was so sad.
Since I am now already a new woman, back to normal, I decided to published some of my emotions documented during my lost-times.)

My heart can not afford to smile today
I will bear my sadness in my sleep
How could he be so cold?
What have I done?

If its the beginnng of our end
Then this is also the end of this Blog?
Will I say goodbye BettyBoop?
Will I say goodbye Spiderdad?

To all the memories
Will it stay?

I dont know
I have seen the sadness in me.... felt it..... huge...empty....
Im in darkness now
I hope to see the light

Goodnight Lovi.
Goodnight to me.

I hope to sleep tight tonight.

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