Mar 27, 2007

Si Mommy Kikay

My mother owned a five-door apartment fronting our house. In door 3, there lived a young couple who got a child that don’t stay with them. From what I heard the child lives with his grandparents (Parent po ng girl).

One night, a hullabaloo happened. There was a lady screaming and throwing stones exactly in there apartment's door. The lady is about 35 years old claiming to be the wife of the man inside the house named Gerome. In the middle of the night almost all the neighborhood woke up and witnessed the scene. Different reactions were uploading thier faces.

As the woman continued with her scandal, Gerome, the womanizer in this story gets out the house very calmly as he tries to unruffled the feelings of his wife while the number two named Ging-ging stayed inside the house.

An exchanged of bad words flowed out from each others tongue. I wonder where did their love go. They have children as what I heard in the conversation.

To make the story short, the chaotic scenario was being finished when Gerome finally lived the area. Then the wife did not accept his invitation to live my mom's apartment and ride the motor so they could go home together. Accordinglyshe will still report the scenario in Makar Police Station.
Then Gerome shouted.
"Testingi! Dira na gyud ta ka patyun" (Try it! That would be the time that I will kill you!!!)

Up in the morning my mother talked about what happened last night while I was still busy washing my face in our kitchen sink. I told her that if I am the wife, I will surely do my best to get the man suspended from his job. He is a teacher and it is his moral obligation to live by example.

Then my father gets in the scenario. We saw him entering the kitchen and I saw my mommy winking naughtily her right eyes to me.

Papa got a glass of water when mommy asked him if he knew the latest tsismis. To our surprise he was truly updated. Geezzz…. as always.

Mommy : Naku, ako pala ang huli Lalab!

Me : Oo nga eh, iba talaga si Papa…. Updated

Papa : Matagal ko ng alam yan. Nasabihan na ako ni Diding.

Diding is my sister-in-law. Wife of my eldest brother.
Then we were all laughing.

Me : Paano yan mommy, madrama kong sabi. Si Erv di nagpadala ng pera… baka me kabit na yun. Then I wink my eyes secretly to her. But still acting like Im really worried.

Mommy: Oo nga Lalab, puntahan na natin sa Davao agad-agad. Sakay ng mommy ko.
Aba! Ang galing din palang umarte!!!

Papa: Hee! Para kayong mga sira! Saway ni papa. Kung ganyan kayo ng ganyan, mangangabit talaga yang asawa mo.

Mommy: Bakit pala Papa? Ano ang gusto mo?

Naninghawak pa si Mommy na lumapit ke Papa. Ready to argue with him as she was trying to open an argument pointblank.

Mommy: Mahuli na ang lahat? Yung nakabuntis na si Erv?

Nabilaukan ata ako doon. Di ko na napigilang tumawa sa acting ni Mommy and all of us were laughing already. Even my father was also laughing so intensely that his eyes were already clouded with water.

Grabe talaga Mommy ko…. One in a million. How I love her. She is the best clown in the whole world. SHE CAN MAKE MY FATHER LAUGH.

A hundred kinds of laughters.

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