Mar 26, 2007


The computer is located on the left-side window of my room facing north. In its right is my bed. At around 3 am today I was wide awake. Dont know why maybe its been so cold that I turned off the aircon before sleeping this night. I wake up witnessing the rain falling as I opened my eyes looking outside my window pane.

The feeling is so refreshing as the breeze is touching my skin in its best.

I realized the wonders of nature this morning. They are playing with me right now.

So I played Nora Jones album to brighten-up the emotions that keeps on dancing in my heart and at 29 I felt like a little girl again playing, dancing and singing with my papa.

It has been years I remember in the same house when I was still the one who fills up the attention of my father. I am the only girl and the apple of his eyes. I grew with all the love I needed from him. As I was writing this today, I can not help but smile remembering my father in his younger years. All darked- hair, not-so fat and so handsome.

You can still figure the authority, decency and wisdom in his eyes filled with love and contentment.

Though he is still handsome today, white grayed hair and yet he has continued to be so good to all his grand children. Up to now he never get tired supporting all of us especially me.

It was him who brought back my confidence that was lost during my lawschool years in Ateneo de Davao University. Though still trying to renewed it when I was working in SMICZMP for almost 6 years. When I resigned from work and concentrated on my child who has been suffering from psychological pain, it was my papa who saved me from all my pain.

He is a hero and everything to me. In his unending faith in my capabilities, he had bring me back the life I had when I was still a child. So confident and so free.

My greatest fear is to see him suffering. Hurting in pain caused by diabetes. My research about that ailment chilled my heart to death. I am so scared seeing my father one day in a distress. I just don’t know how to cope up with it without even showing him my real emotions.

In these days together with my mother, we are trying to served him vegetables and anything that will help strengthen his health. He is still in a very good condition. Thank God for that!!!

I have a big heart for my Papa. I love him morethan anything in this world. He had given me everything a daughter deserves.

I am continuously praying that may the Lord blessed us more financially to support him in his thunder days. I know my husband wont mind .

He is also thankful to my father for helping us survived in our difficulties. Forever it will remain.

He had sailed a lot of seas, he had crossed many mountains, he had blown a lot of love for us.

His existence braced up my securities.

I need not talk

I need not look at his eyes

He already knows everything my hearts desire.

I wonder how heיִ'd made it.

He is powerful. He is love

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