Feb 24, 2009

Shopping at home

Career women make do with whatever little time they have to spend with their loveones.

Lanie, my classmate in a Baking Class every Saturdays and Sundays works in the local Tourism office of General Santos City. She don’t wanna miss her being a mother and a wife that is why she is doing her best to learn cooking so that she can give her family the best food that they will look forward every weekends.

Yesterday night, she invited me to bake a black forest cake in her house. I was so amazed in the wall oven she brought in an online shopping. It’s features are really amazing. It gives you the most convenient way of cooking in a two different temperatures at once.

How can now she miss being a mom? Online shopping somehow would take the place of a hug and togetherness in a way. You just opt to stay at home and spend time together picking the things you and your family longs to buy.

I've learned from Lanie the importance of doing the resources available on the net. Infact, I have not think about my busy schedule for now. It was last year that I was planning to buy a dinner ware that will suits my mom's taste.

Hopefully my husband will also try to shop for me. I wish he could buy me a dishwasher, be it an old model or a cheap one, would all be fine.

This time, I will try ordering it online. Lanie told me that buying on the net will keep my moments unhurried in the comfort of my own home.

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